Student Services

Guidance Counsellors: 
Ed Kirkham (A-F)
Rachel Chan (G-M)

Diana Caringi (Department Head) (N-Z)

Matthew Nephin (7/8 Guidance Activities)

Guidance Counsellors are available to answer questions related to timetables, career planning, personal and social issues, special educational needs, and to suggest possible referrals to appropriate school personnel and outside agencies.

Office AdministratorMrs. Marian Mancini

Co-operative Education Teacher:  Mrs. Michelle Hay, Mr. James Bott

High School Resource Teachers:

Ms. Amanda Beaupre

Mrs. Sandra Dos Santos

Mrs. Tracey MacPherson

Grade 7/8 Resource Teachers:

Mrs. Jennifer Galli (grade 8)

Mrs. Claire Bourgeois-Prevost (grade 7)

Mr. Matthew Nephin (7/8 Guidance)

Inclusion Coordinator:  Ms. Jennifer Scrim

Student Success Teacher:  Mrs. Theresa Wood

Achievement Centre Teachers:

Mrs. Theresa Wood

Mrs. Laurie Kealey-Coyle

Ms. Penny Lessard

Mr. Rob Posteraro

Community Service Hours

Students may begin accumulating Community Service Hours the summer before they enter grade 9.  It is the responsibility of the student and parent to research and sign on for community service involvement.  Ideas can be found posted on the bulletin board outside the Student Services Office in the Atrium of the school entitled "Community Service."  Requests for students to support community activities are also published in our daily announcements.

Community Service Log Sheet


Select courses for next year at 

Parent Access — Parents can create their own myBlueprint account to link to their child's Student Account, view their child's progress, and collaborate with their child to make the most informed decision about their future. 

Parent access to MyBlueprint Student Account

Academic Support

Peer Tutors are available to support students in grades 7- 11 in a variety of courses.  Tutors meeting with their students once a week at an agreed upon time, usually after school for an hour.  Most peer tutors charge $15 a session.  It is the responsibility of the student/parent to pay the tutor directly, as well as to inform the tutor it he/she cannot make an agreed upon session.

Applications can be accepted for those students in grades 9 - 12 wishing to become Peer Student Tutors. A training session for Peer Tutors will be scheduled at lunchtime in Student Services. Please ensure that you have submitted an application before attending the training session.

There are also many Professional Tutors in our community.  We have a data base in Student Services.  

Pick up an application to be a tutor or to hire a tutor in Student Services.

Grade 7 & 8 Resource

Each year, there is a "Grade 6 into 7 Parent Information Meeting".  The date and time are TBA.  Parents of students currently in grade 6 at each of our feeder schools, as well as any families living within the All Saints boundary, are invited to attend.

High School Resource

Resource Delivery

All students require support from teachers, classmates, family, and friends in order to thrive and to gain full benefit from their school experience. Some students have special needs that require supports beyond those ordinarily received in the school setting. In Ontario, students who have behavioural, communicational, intellectual, physical or multiple exceptionalities, may have educational needs that cannot be met through regular instructional and assessment practices. These needs may be met through accommodations, and/or an educational program that is modified above or below the age-appropriate grade level expectations for a particular subject or course. Such students may be formally identified as exceptional pupils. The ministry sets out definitions of exceptionalities that must be used by school boards after determining that a student is an “exceptional pupil”.

Our Vision at All Saints


An Individual Education Plan (IEP) is a written plan describing the special education program and/or services required by a particular student, based on a thorough assessment of the student's strengths and needs that affect the student's ability to learn and demonstrate learning.

IEPs are developed at the beginning of the year and are typically sent home in October.  The IEP is a working document.

Self Advocacy

Self advocacy is the most important skill that a student will develop in high school.  They must learn to politely stand up for themselves and be able to state their needs.  They need to be assertive but not aggressive!