Graduation Information

News and information for our graduating students will be posted here throughout the year. Check back frequently for updates!

2022-2023 Graduates

Welcome to the page for All Saints graduates. The grade 12 year is a very busy one.  Planning for post-secondary choices or the world of work takes time, research and a lot of patience!   Remember your Guidance Counsellor is here to help you with any questions you may have.

Guidance counsellors:  Students with last name  A-FEd Kirkham G-MClaire Bagnell N-ZDiana Caringi

Students may request an appointment through their account

Check your OCSB email regularly  You should get into the habit of checking your account on a daily basis - it will help you to stay in the know.

Important documents

Important Dates     University/College Presentations for 2022/2023  Scholarships, Awards and Bursaries Workshop     

OCAS Application Workshop         OUAC Application Workshop   Grad Parent Information Presentation

Edge Imaging Grad Photo Appt Booking

Carleton University - Enrichment Program

What is the Enriched Support Program?

The Enriched Support program:

How to apply:

Please see your Guidance Counsellor for more information or go to

Carleton University - Make the Cut for Students with Disabilities

VIRTUAL Paul Menton Centre Make the CUT 2022

Grade 12 Fall Session

12:45 PM to 3:00 PM

                      Wednesday, November 23, 2022                         

The Paul Menton Centre for Students with Disabilities (PMC), Carleton University, is pleased to announce this VIRTUAL Grade 12 Fall 2022 Session of the Transition Program - Make the CUT.  This session is designed for Grade 12 students who have a disability and are planning to attend post-secondary next year.

Please see your Resource Teacher for more information on how to register.  Registrations will be accepted up to 4:00 pm, Tuesday, November 15, 2022.

All audience guests joining this event will be ANONYMOUS.

12:45 - 1:00 PM:  Attendees Login (Students, Educators, Parents)

1:00 - 3:00 PM: Virtual Event


School Letter

The ASH School Letter is a prestigious award given to students who have accumulated a substantial amount of points over the course of their high school years by being involved in sports teams, clubs, extra-curricular, etc.  It is a difficult award to achieve but shows the immense contribution a student has made to the life of the school. 

Applying to University

Application to an Ontario university is done through the Ontario University Application Centre (OUAC).  

In order to apply to university, most programs require ENG4UR. Be sure to check the pre-requisites for any program you wish to apply for.  

Deadlines are important - OUAC online applications for equal consideration will be due in January 12, 2023. Graduates require their confidential PIN number which will be issued to them at school in October or early November.

Applying to College

Applying to college is done on-line through the Ontario College Application System (OCAS).  

Grads will need their Ontario Education Number (OEN) - a 9 digit number easily found on your report card or status sheet.  You will also need to have our school's mident number. This is a Ministry of Education number that identifies each school in the province of Ontario. The mident number for All Saints CHS is: 724777  

Applications to OCAS for equal consideration are due February 1, 2023.  

The first date that Ontario Colleges can release offers of admission to qualified applicants will be November 1st, 2022.  

May 1st , 2023 is the deadline date to confirm an offer of admission. 

To explore and research colleges

College Mondays

Important Dates

Admission Requirements

Application Fees


Program Types

Offers of Admissions

How to apply to OCAS

Highly Competitive Programs

Skilled Trades

Frequently Asked Questions

OCSB Awards/Scholarships

Review deadlines and criteria carefully - some dates can change and will be updated as required.  Most applications require considerable preparation.  You will need to check in at Student Services as to when these awards are available to start applying.  Applications are due the Monday following March Break by 2:30 p.m to Ms. Chan.

For all applications, you may be required to include n your portfolio the following:

Good luck applicants!

Support from External Organizations

One way to offset the cost of post-secondary education is through scholarships and bursaries which is money that you can be awarded based on your academic excellence, community involvement and or/financial need. Most of these you will need to do some leg work and prepare an application. 

Deadlines and information on different scholarships and bursaries available will trickle in throughout the year. Get started now to prepare your application. Many require the same type of information and prep work: resumes, personal statements describing your community and extra-curricular involvement, reference letters, proof of community service, etc.  To find out more information about the different scholarships and bursaries available, you can check the links on this website or the bulletin board outside Student Services.

Getting a scholarship is not just about high marks, as many scholarships are awarded for volunteering, community service and through business and sports connections.

Here are some sites you can visit - good luck!

 To all Indigenous students, please check out the Indigenous Bursary Search Tool for information on bursaries and scholarships for Indigenous students in Canada.