The chapel plays a major role in the life of our school community. The chapel is physically situated in the heart of the school and is at the same time, the spiritual centre. The chapel is a quiet place designed for both staff and student liturgies and personal prayer.

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Chaplaincy Leader

About our Chaplaincy Leader

Mr. Paul Kozak is the chaplaincy leader at All Saints Catholic High School and has been a Chaplaincy Leader with the school board for over 10 years now. Mr. Kozak has a Master’s Degree in Pastoral Theology from St. Paul University and a teaching degree (B.Ed.) from Ottawa University. He is married with six children and is an active member of St. John the Baptist Parish on Prince of Wales and Heron Road. Mr. Kozak’s passions include sharing his faith with students, staff and parents and sharing the Christian message of hope and salvation found in Jesus Christ at every opportunity. Mr. Kozak is responsible for leading the prayer life of the school, providing pastoral counselling for students, staff and parents and acts as a resource for the religious education program in the school. If you would like to speak with him, his office hours are from 8:30 am to 2:30 pm and he can be reached at extension 236.

Chaplaincy Department

Our school community and every student and staff member has gifts for the building up of the community. As part of the community, the chaplain works closely with others in the school to assist in the general education of students within a spiritual framework. Celebration and service, two key elements of the spiritual life, are integral to the life of our Catholic school. The chaplain, in conjunction with students and staff, assists in the animation of these areas. The chaplain is available to both the students and staff through prayer, retreats and spiritual counselling.


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