Dress Code Update

posted Sep 16, 2015, 10:56 AM by Sean Kelly
All Saints Parent/Guardian Community:
I want to thank the parents and guardians who have shared their views regarding our dress code to this point.  Based on a couple of important points that have been expressed, we will delay changes to the current expectation around modestly ripped clothing until second semester of this school year.  
Communication is an important goal for me, and while the expectations around our dress code were shared with our students at grade level assemblies and over the announcements during our first week, I feel I need to spend some additional time sharing the clear expectations and rationale with our parent and guardian community.  This includes addressing some policies around track pants and leggings that were assumed to be part of the dress code, but were never addressed with students.  If there is confusion around these issues, I intend on making it clear.
I also recognize that a delay in this process will allow families additional time to make accommodations around clothing expectations.  It was not the intent of this expectation to create any financial hardship, and while we were currently dealing with these issues on a case by case basis (and will continue to do so regarding any financial situations), a delay in implementation creates a timeline that is equal to all.
I will communicate this postponement of this particular expectation with students at school today, however, I will make it clear that other components of the dress code (identified below this message on our website) that were shared with students are still in place.
As part of my goals around communication and promotion, I welcome students, parents and guardians to contact me directly at the school to discuss any questions they might have. 

Current dress code information from our 7&8 handbook to be revised 
Students are expected to be appropriately dressed at all times. In order to maintain the Christian atmosphere of the school, short shorts and skirts, low cut tops, pajama bottoms, clothing with vulgar, suggestive, inappropriate language or drug/alcohol messages are not permitted. Shorts and skirts should be appropriate in lengththe inseam should be closer to the knee than the hip). No midriff revealing, racer back backless tops are not to be worn. Clothing that permits exposure of the naval or undergarments is not acceptable. Tops may be sleeveless, but not spaghetti straps.