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posted Nov 28, 2016, 8:16 AM by Janean Smith

"Once Upon a Country Lane" by Garfield Thomas Ogilvie
A large tract of land found north and west of Ottawa was once known as the Bathurst District.  It contained the townships of West Carleton, Upper Huntley, Corkery, South March, and a few other outlying areas.  It expanded as far east as Carleton Place and as south as Almonte.  It is in this region in the early 1800s, that immigrants came from the poverty stricken and ravaged region of southern Ireland, under the leadership of Peter Robinson.  This unique emigration program was fully funded by the British government in hopes to relieve some of the hardship in Ireland.  Some 560 or so souls settled into this region which is now part of the City of Ottawa, forever transforming the wilderness into fields and farms through hard work and perseverance.  "Once Upon a Country Lane" is the story of these hardy folk, their land and their descendants.  Our school’s boundary catchment is part of this special area and many of the All Saints families bare the names of these descendants.  You will be familiar with many of the surnames in these engaging and anecdotal tales.  You will sense the deep faith in the endurance of a group of people who were determined to make a new life for themselves.  You will smile at Ogilvie’s sense of humour and his poetic and lyrical writing style.  Precious photos of people, past and present, are peppered throughout the book, along with maps and interesting appendices.  If you are a history buff, especially of local history, you will surely enjoy this book.  It makes a wonderful Christmas gift for anyone on your list who wants to know more about the story of where he or she lives in this part of the City of Ottawa.  Mr. Ogilvie has written other books as well.  More information can be found on his website at  To order books, please contact Val Forte at All Saints CHS (613) 271-4254, ext. 231 or by email at  Price:  $25.00 if purchased at the school, or $20.00 plus shipping and handling if purchased online.  A portion of the funds raised from sales of these books go to Brother Blaise in Peru to purchase blankets for children and prisoners