AmbiSHEous Workshop

posted Sep 26, 2018, 5:30 AM by All Saints High School

AmbiSHEous is hosting a free StartupSelf workshop in Ottawa from November 19-21.  Students with interests in business, politics, and social impact, or who are involved with school council, clubs, teams, peer mentorship groups, or have taken on other leadership roles are most likely to benefit from the program. Applications and more information can be accessed at until October 21, 2018.

This workshop provides an experiential learning opportunity for girls that equips them with real-life knowledge, practical skills and earned confidence to navigate towards independence, make a positive impact, and shape a more powerful future for themselves and their communities.  At the end of the workshop, girls will have an opportunity to share their big ideas and ambitions during Meet-and-Greet with parents, mentors, and community leaders.  --Katharine Cornfield, Founder, ambiSHEous